Gramaj Koli İçi Adet Ürün Kodu
1 Liter 12 8690802 03 98 45
Ürün Barkodu

8690802 03 98 45

Koli Barkodu

8690802 03 98 52

Ürün Tanımı


Ürün Açıklaması

Fights against Dirt and Stains. Conserves Color, Avoids Discoloration. Effective Even in Cold Water. Suitable for Washing Machine and Handwash

Porçöz Stain Remover easily cleans stains* and dirt on fabric with its bleach-free extra powerful formula. Special enzyme formula conserves colors and avoids discoloration.

*Blood, grass, starch, processed food, (ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces etc.), animal and vegetable oils, fruit stains, tea, ice cream, baby food, mud, ink, collar and cuff stains.

Kullanım Alanları

Effective on stains and dirt on cotton, wool, synthetic fabrics, color and white laundries, carpets, rugs, tulle, curtain, armchair and sofas. Add into your washing machine’s detergent compartment to boost the effectiveness of laundry detergent.

Kullanım Şekli

On fabrics and laundries: Apply directly on affected area. Let it sit for at most 10 minutes, then use the jagged surface on the cap to rub the stain. Launder by hand or in washing machine.

On upholstery: Apply directly on affected area. Let it sit for at most 10 minutes, then clean with a wet cloth or sponge. Rinse with plenty of water.

Use with detergent: Add detergent into dispenser and add Porçöz Stain Remover to the bar on cap (60 ml). It is recommended to use for washing programs up to 40 degrees. Fill up to 100 ml for tougher stains.


Do not use on leather, suede, silk and on fabrics classified as “dry cleaning only”.

Ürün/Koli/Palet Bilgisi
Spesifikasyon Kartı No: TS-0024
Ürün Barkodu: 8690802 03 98 45
Ürün Yüksekliği (cm): 26
Ürün Genişliği (cm): 14
Ürün Derinliği (cm): 6
Ürün Net Ağırlığı (g): 1016
Ürün Brüt Ağırlığı (g): 1117
Ürün Brüt Ağırlığı (g) - Tolerans Limiti: ±10
Koli Barkodu: 8690802 03 98 52
Koli Derinliği (en) (cm): 28
Koli Yüksekliği (cm): 25.9
Koli Genişliği (boy) (cm): 35.8
Koli Ağırlığı (kg) (net): 12.192
Koli Ağırlığı (kg) (brüt): 13.694
Koli / Raf (Paletin 1 Katında Kaç Koli Var?: 8
Palet Yüzey (m2): 0.96
Palet Yüksekliği (cm): 147.5
Palet Ağırlığı (kg) (brüt): 570.04
Koli Ağırlığı Brüt (Palet, köşebent dahil): 14.251
Raf / Palet (Palette Kaç Kat Koli Var?: 5
Koli Adeti / Palet: 40